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Reliance Industrial Plots

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Reliance Industrial Plots

Reliance MET Industrial Plots are part of MET City Jhajjar, developed by Model Economic Township Limited,100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Reliance MET Industrial Plots Jhajjar are located on main Gurgaon Jhajjar State Highway 15-A (Gurgaon Jhajjar Road) near Farukhhnagar, Haryana.

Reliance MET project involves the development of a large & small scale integrated industrial, residential, and commercial township. The aim of the project is to create a self-contained community with modern infrastructure and amenities. Reliance MET project will include industrial plots, Reliance MET City residential plots, and commercial areas, as well as schools, hospitals, and other amenities. Reliance MET Industrial Plots refer to the land plots within the Reliance MET that are available for development and construction of industrial units. Reliance MET plots can be used for setting up factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

The development of MET is supported by government policies and incentives, such as tax breaks and subsidies, to attract investment and encourage growth. They can be a means of promoting economic development and job creation in a region, as well as improving the standard of living for residents. Reliance MET Jhajjar is a key component of the government's "Make in India" initiative, to play a role in the country's development strategy.

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Reliance Industrial Plots

Reliance MET Industrial Plots Price & Sizes

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Reliance MET Industrial Plots Price & Sizes

Reliance MET Jhajjar Features

  • Spread over 8000 acres of land
  • Reliance MET Industrial Plots are located in Delhi NCR
  • Creation of 220 KV GIS substations for reliable power in the MET
  • 100 MLD surface water from NCR Channel will ensure availability of water
  • CETP & STP will ensure environment friendly disposal system
  • Private Freight Terminal (PFT) will take advantage of the upcoming DFC
  • DFC, DMIC and the KMP Expressway will enhance core infrastructure and create complementary economic activities
  • Anchor industries already operational Panasonic, Denso, Amber Enterprise, FM Logistics, Nihon Kohden & T-Suzuki etc. 
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Reliance MET Jhajjar Features

Incentives & Subsidies at Reliance MET Jhajjar Under Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy-2020

The Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy 2020 (HEEP-2020) offers several tax benefits and incentives to businesses and industries that set up operations in the state. The policy aims to create an investor-friendly environment, boost economic growth, and create employment opportunities. The tax benefits and incentives offered by the HEEP 2020 can significantly reduce the operating costs for industrial units in Reliance MET Jhajjar and make it an attractive location for businesses looking to set up or expand their operations in Haryana.

HEEP 2020 offers the following tax benefits to businesses:

  • Investment subsidy on SGST, Stamp Duty Refund, Elextricity Duty Exemption
  • Employment Generation Subsidy, Interest Subsidy on term loan, Setting up of Effluent Treatment Plant / Air Pollution Control Device / Zero Effluent Sytem

**Above benefits, Subsidies and incentives are subject to certain eligibility criteria and conditions as per the Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy 2020.

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Reliance MET Industrial Plots - Power Supply

Reliance MET Jhajjar Power Supply - Infrastructure also includes a dedicated power transmission and distribution network, which ensures uninterrupted power supply to the industrial units in the area. The infrastructure is designed to provide reliable and affordable power to the industries located in the MET. The power sub-station uses supercritical technology, which is highly efficient and eco-friendly. It is connected to the national power grid, providing a reliable source of electricity to the industrial units in the MET.

  • 220 KV double circuit transmission line from Bhadana (1st Source) as well as Bahadurgarh (2nd Source for redundancy) from National Grid
  • Electrical distribution infra through under ground distribution network
  • Load management through Ring Main Unit (RMU), Complete Underground System.

Reliance MET infrastructure covers an area of over 8,000 acres and aims to attract domestic and international investors to set up their manufacturing units in India.

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Reliance MET Plots - Water Supply

Reliance MET Jhajjar project has a dedicated water supply system that draws water from the NCR Canal. The water is treated in a state-of-the-art water treatment plant and supplied through a dedicated pipeline network to the industries located in the MET. The water supply infrastructure is designed to provide uninterrupted and high-quality water supply to the industrial units.

  • Approved allocation from new NCR Canal – 100 MLD, 18 Km Water Pipeline
  • Water Treatment Plant, Master Balancing Reservoirs, Overhead Tanks, SCADA controlled Distribution System & Smart Metering

Overall, the Reliance MET Industrial Plots project has ensured enough water availability, which is critical for the establishment and operation of manufacturing units. This infrastructure provides a favorable environment for manufacturing in India and promotes the 'Make in India' initiative.

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Reliance MET Industrial Plots Infrastructure

Reliance MET Industrial Plots offer world-class infrastructure and facilities that are designed to meet the needs of industries and businesses. Here are some of the key infrastructure details of Reliance MET Industrial Plots:

  • Drainage and Sewerage System: The industrial plots are equipped with a well-planned drainage and sewerage system to ensure effective disposal of wastewater and sewage. The system includes a sewage treatment plant and an effluent treatment plant.

  • Roads and Transportation: The project has well-designed and well-planned roads and transportation systems to ensure smooth movement of goods and people. The project has dedicated entry and exit points, and well-laid-out internal roads to ensure easy accessibility.

  • Communication and Connectivity: The project has a reliable and high-speed communication and connectivity system to ensure seamless communication and data transfer. The project has fiber optic connectivity and a robust telecom network.

  • Safety and Security: The project has a comprehensive safety and security system to ensure the safety and security of people and property. The project has  CCTV cameras, and a 24x7 security system.

In summary, Reliance MET Industrial Plots offer world-class infrastructure and facilities that are designed to meet the needs of industries and businesses. The project has a dedicated power supply, water supply, drainage and sewerage system, roads and transportation, communication and connectivity, safety and security, and environmental sustainability features to ensure a hassle-free investment destination for businesses looking for long-term and profitable growth.

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Reliance MET Jhajjar, Gurgaon Jhajjar Road

  • Strategically located in the National Capital Region (NCR) having strong connectivity to Gurgaon, Delhi and other Towns in the region and National Highways
  • Located at the western border of National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD)
  • Located along the Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) Expressway
  • Strategically located among in the industrial hubs of the region
  • Quick and easy access to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, New Delhi
  • Rail connectivity to the Northern Railway line and linked to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

Model Economic Township

Model Economic Township Limited was incorporated in October 2006 as Reliance Haryana SEZ Limited (RHSL). The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Reliance Ventures Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited and is engaged in the development of Model Economic Township (MET) in Jhajjar district of Haryana with an objective to make this industrially backward district as the business destination of North India.

Model Economic Township (MET) is a planned development that is designed to encourage economic growth and development by providing infrastructure, services, and facilities for businesses and residents. The primary goal of Reliance MET is to create a self-sustaining, economically vibrant community that can attract investment and provide opportunities for residents. Model Economic Township includes a mix of industrial, residential, and commercial areas, as well as social and recreational amenities. MET Township also includes educational and healthcare facilities, transportation infrastructure, and green spaces.

MET project has received approval from the Government of Haryana to be established on the Industrial Model Township framework in the district of Jhajjar and adjoining areas of Gurgaon district where it owns over 8250 acres of land.

Frequently Asked Question

Reliance MET Industrial Plots are located in the Model Economic Township (MET) project, which is situated in Jhajjar district of Haryana state in India. Reliance MET Industrial plots are strategically located in NCR on Gurgaon Jhajjar Road near Farukhnagar. Reliance MET Industrial Plots are located near KMP Expressway, Farukhnagar exit on Gurgaon Jhajjar Road. Reliance MET City has excellent connectivity with Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh, IMT Manesar, IMT Kharkhoda, Kundli Industrial Area.

Reliance MET Industrial Plots Price may vary depending on various factors such as size and location. It's best to contact us for the latest pricing information and details of the available plots.

CLU (Change of Land Use) permission is generally required when the land use of a property is changed from one category to another, as per the town and country planning norms and regulations. In the case of Reliance MET Jhajjar, the land has already been designated as an industrial area by the Haryana government, so CLU permission is not required for setting up an industrial unit or buying an industrial plot within the Reliance MET project.


Panasonic, Denso, Amber Enterprise, FM Logistic, T-Suzuki, Dinamic Oil, Tirupati and Nihon Kohdenare are some well renowned firm that have already established their offices in Reliance MET City Jhajjar a brand-new smart city, close to Gurugram in Haryana

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